Thursday, July 8, 2010

Is Life Important?

I ask this question simply because it just came to me. As I study myself and my foremothers before me I realize that those of my mom and my generations have been taught feminine concepts from a patriarchal view. I say this, whose life is more important to save the mother or the child? As a maternal and child advocate this is a tough question but from a spiritual interpretation it depends on which soul wants to be here. If we start back learning life as a cosmology and not as different fragmented studies then this overstanding will be clear as to why I believe this.

Life is about pro-choice it's not always pro-life (this is not an abortion debate). As women we choose pro-choice on all aspects of our lives even when we allow others to choose for us. One thing I see we as women fail to realize is we forget how to be pro-life. Isn't our lives important as anyone else's life? Shouldn't we be worthy of happiness, love and all the other things which are highly regarded. Then I impose upon you to stand up and become pro-life of self.

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