Thursday, June 10, 2010

Each Day Is A New Beginning

After a few rough days of utter blah which came full force after my powerful ethereal high, I am back. I go through these rough patches of what ever I put in my mouth just doesn't agree with my body. After much contemplating the only conclusion I can process is that my higher conscious is forcing me to leave low vibrations alone. I know proper eating for my body and know when to eat food accordingly, yet I fall back into the deep ravine of junkfood HELL.

So my new mantra is "Each day is a new beginning", meaning I am not to worry about yesterday because it has now become history and is irrelevant in my near future or present. SO today I woke up rising back to that ethereal bliss. I am at my CO-OP enjoying the weather on the patio after a refreshing glass of water, red plum, fresh bread with soft cheese and I will finish it off with a superb cup of hot tea.

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