Thursday, June 10, 2010

Each Day Is A New Beginning

After a few rough days of utter blah which came full force after my powerful ethereal high, I am back. I go through these rough patches of what ever I put in my mouth just doesn't agree with my body. After much contemplating the only conclusion I can process is that my higher conscious is forcing me to leave low vibrations alone. I know proper eating for my body and know when to eat food accordingly, yet I fall back into the deep ravine of junkfood HELL.

So my new mantra is "Each day is a new beginning", meaning I am not to worry about yesterday because it has now become history and is irrelevant in my near future or present. SO today I woke up rising back to that ethereal bliss. I am at my CO-OP enjoying the weather on the patio after a refreshing glass of water, red plum, fresh bread with soft cheese and I will finish it off with a superb cup of hot tea.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Thanks Ms. Jill Scott, I am basking in your words.

Truly I am at my local co-op enjoying the sun and shade on the patio. As the cars on the street pass by and the weedeater works, I am living my life like it's golden. I am so carefree, no worries nor pains. I am so relaxed and haven't even had an orgasm, let me take that back maybe I have in the ethereal realm because I truly feel vangloriously great.

Today it's about letting my glow sustain me. I have become so aware of energy vampires it's really and truly, sadly ridiculous. Be they're peers, elders or loved ones they are there waiting to suck you dry and still leave unhappy, bitter, angry, full of misery, and pain.


Repeat after me, " My pain is my own, I can't share it with others and people must realize this. My joy is my own, I can't share it with others and people must realize this; however, I can and will show it."

Have a vanglorious day.