Monday, July 26, 2010

Could You?

Could you give up the trappings of this society? Could you give up the name brand items, be it: clothes, shoes, cars, gadgets, etc.?

I ask these things because it is something which comes up often when you're on a spiritual path. These things are nice, yet are they necessary? The difference comes down to must you have it or do you want it.

I like all of those things but when your intention is to have something deemed by society as a must have. Then your intentions are not being chosen but designed by the machine of society.

Ponder and question your intentions in this life.

Friday, July 23, 2010

To Love Me Is To Respect Me


That's a mouthful yet it is the truest thing on this Earth. I was discussing this matter yesterday with a friend when this was brought up. Two things I must have in a relationship is love and respect. Trust, honesty, etc. all falls under the respect category. To have these qualities you must have respect for self then others in order to even appreciate this. If you can respect me then you can love me and I know this maybe hard to internalize, but you know if you don't respect people then you won't like them, love them nor understand them.


Friday, July 16, 2010

Dreams....Sweet Dreams?

So woke up this morning with very intuitive dream. This one was rather close to home except one part, which I wrote down and asked for some sistar help.

The question I was are dreams what we make them, literally are we our own manifestations which we dream? Or do we get some information from other places which help us overstand our worlds.

Pondering and Thinking?


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Is Life Important?

I ask this question simply because it just came to me. As I study myself and my foremothers before me I realize that those of my mom and my generations have been taught feminine concepts from a patriarchal view. I say this, whose life is more important to save the mother or the child? As a maternal and child advocate this is a tough question but from a spiritual interpretation it depends on which soul wants to be here. If we start back learning life as a cosmology and not as different fragmented studies then this overstanding will be clear as to why I believe this.

Life is about pro-choice it's not always pro-life (this is not an abortion debate). As women we choose pro-choice on all aspects of our lives even when we allow others to choose for us. One thing I see we as women fail to realize is we forget how to be pro-life. Isn't our lives important as anyone else's life? Shouldn't we be worthy of happiness, love and all the other things which are highly regarded. Then I impose upon you to stand up and become pro-life of self.