Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How Well Do You Know Your Cycle?

I ask this vital question for several reasons:

1) Do you know when you ovulate?
2) Many women don't know when, what, how, why and all that stuff.
3) It's mad important.

At my young age of 28, I have noticed many women are completely unaware of their ovulation cycle. For instance, back in January I went to a baby shower and an associate was using just the calendar method to track her ovulation (side-eye, I know just calendar). I said that's not accurate have you tried.... before I could open my mouth another woman at the table said, "Ask your doctor they should be able to tell you when you ovulate." OMG..... My mouth fell wide open and I had to refrain myself from being the crusader and instigator so I shut my mouth.

When has a doctor been able to tell a woman when she ovulates? I ask this because if this was the case there wouldn't be ovulation kits, fertility clinics and procedures and other money making procedures to insure fertility.

I suggest every woman needs to read this book here: (www.tcoyf.com). This book is a true eye-opener with a wealth of knowledge. It discusses Fertility Awareness Method (FAM), yes this method differs from Family Natural Planning (FNP).
The Difference Between FAM & FNP

The main difference is FNP does temperature, cervical fluid and FAM does those as well plus cervix position; hence the main difference.

Don't take my word for it read it, re-read it, chart, and learn yourself.


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